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In the back of an overgrown greenhouse lined with empty white shelves, a handwritten poem peeks out from behind a thick veil of vines. The small snippet from the Nancy Wood book War Cry on a Prayer Feather reads: “I wish the quiet heart. / An exile from my borrowed land / I search for a place to call home.” Those poetic words are poignant, considering the fate of Amy’s Farm – the beloved fixture in the community of Ontario that many people consider home.  The local farm recently closed after 25 years of operation when a warehouse developer purchased the land they were leasing. Now, Amy's Farm will be forced to relocate.

Read the story I wrote and photographed here, published on August 14, 2023, for The Frontline Observer, "an independent news organization that prioritizes capturing the voices of ‘frontline’ environmental justice communities in the Inland Empire."

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