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Womanhouse Ext.png


This series diverges from the iconic body of feminist work in “Womanhouse" to call into question our present, illusory sense of distance from a gendered construction of domesticity and the roles that have emerged from it. The structures enforcing compliance with these roles exist not only within the home, they have been reproduced en masse to form the geometry of our daily lives. Rigid lines create physical barriers which bisect and conceal the subjects in this series, suggesting an architecture that is gravely and distinctly patriarchal. In black and white, all associations between color and gender performance are stripped away, leaving the viewer to contemplate which dimensions of womanhood are innate and which are constructs of the system that seeks to oppress and control it.

Show ran from December 5th to December 20th, 2019 at SFUHS in San Francisco, California.

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